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Your Coffee Problems


This is a place for YOU, dear Reader. Yes, that’s right, you.

Every week I (hopefully) entertain with stories of crazy people in caffeinated situations, and (hopefully) you get it. You get it because you understand the deep and complex balance of human interactions. Or because you also hang out in coffee shops.

So, get involved! Post your stories in the comment boxes below. Maybe a snitty woman was in front of you as you queued for your favourite drink. Maybe someone sprayed black coffee out their nose. Maybe you overhead a conversation, or you wanna make up something.

It can get lonely, you know, being an angry barista. So post up your stories, your pictures, your videos, your anything. And we’ll give you…well, a lot of love, a lot more humour, and a free cyber cup of coffee.



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  1. I feel that this is the place to go to seek advice on problems in my cafe job, so please help if you can:

    There’s this guy who comes in to the cafe and goes to sleep upstairs. He sleeps in a chair, not on the floor. He seems generally harmless, I dont think he is homeless. And he does this very very often, like almost daily.

    He isnt harming anyone but my boss has said to wake him up if I see him sleeing.

    It puts the Beatles ‘Im only sleeping’ in my head when i should have the Baristas coffee song in there.

    So its up to a vote from you guys:

    Next shift, should i wake him or not?

    Thanks for your guidance.

    • Emma,

      Does he buy a drink before he goes up to sleep? If so, perhaps you should put a few extra shots of coffee in his drink. Or even, wake him up with a free cup of joe and say ‘you seemed like you could use some caffeine’. Maybe he’ll get the picture?

      Or maybe just make sure someone’s sitting in his sleeping chair when he comes in.

      Or put a pillow and blanket out for him, with a glass of warm milk.


    hiya how can i help you

    caramel lady do you do iced coffee

    me yes we do fapps and iced coffee

    Caramel lady i want a caramel one

    me frapp or an iced latte or somthing

    caramel lady the caramel one

    me a frapp

    caramel lady the iced one caramel

    me is it the blended one you wanted or the iced one

    caramel lady the caramel one

    me a caramel coffee, caramel cream or and iced caramel mac

    caramel lady a caramel one the cold one

    me they are both cold

    caramel lady a caramel one

    me of a frapp then caramel coffee or cream

    caramel lady a caramel one

    yes this happened

    me the brown one or the white one

    caramel lady a caramel one

    come on people is it really that hard to pick a god dam drink a caramel what ?????

    her friend try the coffee one

    at last we have it

    yes i lost the will to live after this

    the caramel one

    • Sometimes I go a few days without hnvaig coffee so I can feel the buzz again although I think coffee is culinary and should be savored and tasted like a fine wine, the added benefit is that it does get the brain going with that buzz. I would suggest hnvaig some decaf but most decaf coffees just don’t taste the same. Hope you can hold out a little while longer.

      • I love the “sacrifice” you’re making for Mr. Mischief…something only a mama would do, right? ;)And what kind of tea is that…is it from Starbucks?Have you had African Autumn? I get it at Barnes & Noble…I think it used to be at SBux, but I’m not sure…they don’t carry it now. It’s decaf and so, so good. I love a Venti with 1/2 that and 1/2 Hot Cinnamon Spice (at B&N).We have a new tea shppoe that opened downtown. I had The.Best.Cup of Earl Grey there a few weeks ago…I don’t know what it was exactly, but it was awesome. Unfortunately, they’re not open very late, though, so I won’t have many opportunities to go. I’m OK to sip a latte with the girls, but tea is so hot, I have to sip it slowly…and the girls won’t stand too long for that! 😉

  3. The coffee we used was not ncslseariey bright to begin with, but rather it was a balanced blend. This was our safe choice to make a smooth iced coffee that more likely than not folks are going to put half and half into. I think it’s got a really nice flavor- but it’s definitely a different experience than a traditional coffee.

  4. Oh my friend I love Americanos. They are not cfoefe from concentrate, but espresso with water added. It is a lot better than drinking old decaf cfoefe. I always drink a decaf iced Americano with room and my favorite sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce syrup. Since I’m a gold card holder, I get the syrup for free, and it ends up tasting a whole lot like what their iced lattes taste like, and for WAY cheaper. In the cooler and cold months I enjoy a hot Americano, same cream and sweetener, but WITH a few ice cubes as well. They know me well at my Starbucks. But I have to say, Caribou cfoefe is also nice. Except they sweeten their drinks for sugar-maniacs or something. I ask for half of their regimen of pumps if I order any type of cfoefe drink. But they always brew a nice pot of decaf throughout the day, so that is what I typically get there. And free refills all the day long Love the cfoefe can’t do the caffeine. I’m with ya there. Also don’t do the sugar. Weight loss happening, AND diabetes in both of my families = no sugar for meeeeee.

  5. Ola! Cafedisaster,
    Thanks you for your post, I am guessing that I have developed lactose intolerance but I just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience. When I order a coffee from a cafe that has been made with heated milk I feel horrible afterwards. These coffee’s give me the greatest trouble while an instant coffee with a little bit of cold milk from the fridge isnt really that bad. I just wanted to see if anyone who was sure that they have lactose intolerance experience the same problem?
    All the Best


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